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June 28, 2020

Debt Relief Grants For Disabled Single Moms-Get Assistance

June 28, 2020 0
Debt relief grants for disabled single moms-get financial assistance for single moms pay off debts-It is an indubitable fact that single motherhood can be the cruelest experience and being disabled further accelerates the complexities and struggling to meet the daily necessities of life. With their limited income and overwhelming costs of daily lives often make it difficult for them to cope.

Managing all the pros and cons and paying dents on time become foremost concerns for these mothers. A secured and a proper place of accommodation becomes the prime necessity of life. Paying for rent, mortgage or home purchase payments can sometimes be very tough with meager or no income.

Physical disability is a major obstacle for these moms to get a respectable job. Hence the government, state, charities, local bodies and different organizations offer grants that help in paying the bills and also clearing all the outstanding rental dues, if incurred. These debts relief grants for disabled single moms are free money that are offered by the government and are not required to be repaid.

There are programs that assist these disabled moms to sail through the hardships of life. Some of the reputed ones are as follows:

Easter Seals Disability Services: this is an assistance program offered to the disabled and autistic people. It includes job training to disabled people, physical rehabilitation and employment opportunities to help them work, earn well and fulfill their daily necessities like paying rental bills. There are skilled disabled people who can rejoin their job learning new employment technologies.
Debt Relief Grants For Disabled Single Moms

Supplemental Security Income: this program has mainly been designed for disabled, aged and blind moms with low or no income. This offers them with food, clothing and shelter. This grant is funded by general tax revenues based on income and resources of the applicant

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF): this is a federal assistance program for needy families with dependent children that offer cash assistance for single moms through the United States Department of Health and Human Services. This is a grant that can be utilized by disabled moms in the form of cash for varied purposes such as paying for rental debts

Apart from the above mentioned grants there are other government and nonprofit debt relief grants for disabled moms in order to pay off their rental bills

Debt Relief from Nonprofit Organizations for Housing Bills: there are multiple nonprofit organizations like Habitat for Humanity, Mercy Housing, Fannie Mae, Salvation Army and others offer debt relief funds, assistance with housing bills and low cost or eviction due to mortgage. There are churches and other charitable organizations which are also helping the low income families to pay off housing bills, rents and debts in order to get them safe and secured shelters

Federal Programs for Debt Relief of Rental Bills: the government provides the low income families with some of the important grants and cash assistance that help the disabled moms to pay their bills and clear all their outstanding dues. The Housing and Urban Development (HUD) generates grants to help the handicapped mothers so that they do not meet challenges like homelessness or foreclosure.

U. S Department of Agriculture: this is yet another federal body that offers grants and help in paying rental bills to the women and families in the rural sector. There is Community Development Block Grant Program and Public Housing Program that offer assistance for clearing dues of rent

There are multiple debt relief grants for disabled single moms which help them in paying off their rental bills. Know your needs and get to know your needs and decide what is best for you to apply to clear your dues

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June 21, 2020

Small Business Startup Grants and Loans For Single Moms

June 21, 2020 0
Small business startup grants for single moms:get free assistance for moms for starting up new business-The countless dreams of single mothers have been turned into reality with the innumerable grants offered by the federal government, public or private organizations, state and local authorities and nonprofit organizations. With the upsurge in the economy, women have set milestones by starting business at an accelerated pace. The National Women’s Business Council states that in 2014 at least one of four companies were owned by women entrepreneurs thus, attaining the title of “fastest growing sector in the small business community.”

In U.S. more than 11.1 million businesses are women owned. If you too wish to establish your own business venture for an independent and secured profession then start today. For a single mother the decision can be challenging along with home, family, children and job to manage. The government has thus, contrived several grant for single mothers for small business, offering financial assistance to cover the establishment, growth and development costs. Apply for the grants today for a prospective business.
startup grants for single moms

Federal Loans That Single Mothers Can Apply to Start Business

Small Business Administration (SBA)

SBA offers several single mother small business startup loan programs serving varied purpose through the banks, authorized lenders and credit unions partnered with the SBA. Each state in U.S. has SBA branch for assistance for the loan programs that include:
  • 7(a) Loan Program: This loan program offers financial aid to businesses with particular requirements. The loan is given with consideration to the special aspects and principals of the business. Eligibility factors include business activities, ownership type and the location of the business.
  • Microloan Program: Under this program loan amount up to $70,000 is offered for small business and nonprofit child care initiation and growth, the average being $25,000. Intermediary lenders are given the fund for allocating to eligible applicants. Usually each intermediary has its own eligibility criteria but a collateral and personal guarantee is essential.
  • The CDC/504 Loan Program: Financing for main assets like real estate or equipment are offered by this loan program. The eligibility criteria include-
  1. The business must be a non-profit company
  2. Must be U.S. based
  3. Must have less than $15 million tangible net worth and less than $5.0 million average net income after paying taxes for the last two years
  • Disaster Loans: loans with low interest are available to businesses, renters, homeowners and private non-profit organizations to recover from the damages caused by a declared disaster. The following are the loan types under this:
  1. Home and Personal Property Loans
  2. Business Physical Disaster Loans
  3. Economic Injury Disaster Loans
  4. Military Reservists Economic Injury Loans
  • Research Grants for Small Businesses: federal grants such as Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs and Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) are reserved for you if your small business is involved with scientific research and development (R&D).

Small Business Innovation Research Program

Initiated by Congress, this program persuades domestic small businesses for Federal Research/Research and Development (R/R&D) that assist in commercialization. An approximate amount of $2 billion is offered to small businesses every year to boost high tech innovation for the development of the country.

State Funding

Your state also offers many loan programs and supplemental grants to single moms for startup small business. Keep in touch with your state economic development office for the latest funding opportunities in your locality.

There is more for you! Special contests or events are conducted to offer financial funding to businesses of single mothers. For example $370,000 was offered by Charter One Bank in Ohio in 2018. Besides, and many other private organizations, nonprofit foundations and agencies like Women’s Financial Fund, Amber Foundation Grant, Financial Women International, American Association of University Women, Business and Professional Women’s Foundation etc extend helping hands through monetary aid to help striving women accomplish their dreams of staring a successful undertaking.

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June 11, 2020

Personal Grants For Single Moms:Pay Utility Bills,Assistance

June 11, 2020 0
Personal grants for single moms to pay bills and debts-Single mothers often face problems with their income levels and face a financial crisis which often forces them in the requirement of free money. Personal grants for single moms often prove to be one of the beneficial way outs for these single mothers which helps them in paying off their bills and debts to meet their regular expenses of life. US Government has associated with numerous nonprofit organizations, charities, accredited organizations, and community services agencies which are constantly providing support to these single mothers and help them cope with their economic challenges.

Personal grants for Single Mothers will make life much easier and will let you deal with life in a smooth manner.  Several nonprofit organizations are there who are extending their hands towards disbursing these personal loans. Some of them are listed below.
personal grants for single mothers

Jewish Federation of North America takes responsibility for the transportation costs of single mothers for whom the cost of the commute is a big challenge in life. Free grants and free car services are given to these mothers that would compensate for commuting expenses. This is one of the vital personal grants for single mothers to have their own transportation facility.

YMCA is one of the reputed names who provide food grants to those single mothers who are struggling to acquire healthy food for herself and her children. Free vouchers are also given so that food can be obtained for children and prevent nutritional risk. There are other nonprofit organizations such as Lutheran Services in America, Love in the Name of Christ, Jewish Federation of North America and Feeding America also offer assistance for free grocery and food. Single moms may also ask for food assistance from churches.

Salvation Army understands that with time utility bills are escalating sharply. To compensate these high electricity bills and utility bills the Salvation Army is offering grants to single mothers in order to prevent the disconnection of services. There are other nonprofit organizations too such as United Way, Jewish Federation of North America, and Operation Round-Up. There are companies that are offering gas/utility companies along with community action organizations offering financial support grants for single moms to pay utility bills.

Habitat for Humanity stands beside women with meager income levels in order to pay off their housing rent, mortgage, loan amount, or other skills. They require financial assistance that saves them from homelessness and foreclosure. There are numerous Nonprofits like Habitat for Humanity, CoAbode, Fannie Mae, Mercy Housing, National Coalition for the Homeless, and many more extended support to offer a safe shelter to single mothers.

A click on the internet would take you to several sites of nonprofit organizations which are numerous in the US. Some of the reputed names in present names are as follows Task Force for Global Health Catholic Charities, American Cancer Society, World Vision, and United States Fund for UNICEF, Red Cross, CARE USA, Make-A-Wish Foundation of America and many more. Personal grants for single mothers are still available with the local and state authorities who are constantly helping these low income individuals to deal with ever-rising economic challenges of life.

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June 09, 2020

Car Grants For Single Moms:Nonprofit Organizations,Buy New Car

June 09, 2020 0
Car grants for single moms to buy a new car-Apply with nonprofit organizations and get a donated car for free for easy and hassle-free transportation and monetary savings.

A car is an essential need for easy commuting, especially in remote areas where the transportation facility is insufficient. Walking long distances, waiting for long hours for public transport or traveling inexpensive private cars might be impossible for low income earning mothers who need to travel long distances to get to work. Moreover, purchasing a car is also unaffordable.

To offer assistance many nonprofit organizations offer free donated cars to help them travel easily to their work and also save money. Start applying for car grants for single moms now and get your free car.
single mother car grants

Grants From Nonprofit Organizations for Single Mothers to Buy a Car

1-800-Charity Cars For Single Moms: low income earning mothers can apply for cars or free vehicles from this national charity organization. Free vehicles offer ease of commute and help find work opportunities in any location.

Free Charity Cars For Single Moms: the nonprofit organization offers donated cars to single mothers. If you are medically unfit, living below the poverty level, coming from military families, residing in transitional shelters, the victim of natural disaster, or domestic violence then you are entitled to get a car. Applicants must fill the application on the organization’s website and will be called for when a car is available.
Transportation Resources of Urbana Champaign (TRUC): low income earning mothers having a job, children and income level as required can avail vehicles based on their needs from TRUC, a non-profit automobile dealership. Candidates can also get credit counseling assistance, affordable rates on a loan, and routine maintenance for their cars from TRUC clinics.

Wheels 4 Hope For Single Moms: a faith-based nonprofit organization that offers donated cars at affordable rates to single mothers residing in Triad, Triangle, and Western areas of North Carolina. Cars are given to applicants on a need basis after being selected on the basis of income and job status.

Cars for Careers For Single Mothers: partnered with the Howard County social services organization, Cars for Careers offer vehicles to economically disadvantaged working people for better work opportunities. Applicants are also eligible for low interest bank loans, auto insurance, limited warranty for their cars, and help from banks and financial institutions for their car expenses.

Caring Cars For Single Moms: single mothers residing in north-central Alabama are eligible for free cars and automobiles that can be used to fulfill job transportation needs. The Family Services Center social workers and managers make a selection of the applicants on the basis of their needs and income levels. Candidates need to be either employed or must join work within 30 days after getting the vehicle and also be working for a full year.

Vehicles for Change For Single Mothers: established in 1999, the organization has been offering free cars to people in need and distress. More than 25,000 individuals and 8000 families have received assistance for their transportation needs. Based on the type of job and need different types of vehicles are given.

There are many other nonprofit organizations and private organizations that can help single mothers get free cars for their work. You can check your area’s databases for any updates or availability of vehicles. Get your free car today.

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June 07, 2020

Grants For Single Moms To Pay Bills:Seek Free Cash Assistance

June 07, 2020 0
Grants For Single Moms To Pay Bills-Seek Free Cash Assistance- Apply for your single mother grants and enjoy a debt-free life by paying off all your bills on time.

Single mothers are burdened with huge responsibilities of the entire family and being the sole earning member can be a tough challenge for them. Paying off monthly or quarterly bills and meeting the expenses seem almost impossible with limited earnings.

If you are also stuck with your bills then apply for single mother grants from the government, nonprofits, and community agencies to avail monetary help. These grant programs help pay bills and clear off all debts, supporting families to stand back on feet. Don’t wait, get your grants today!
grants single mother for bills

Single Mother Daycare Grants

Single mothers often remain busy accomplishing the needs of the family or working long hours in offices. They hence require safe and affordable babysitting services for the care of their kids but paying for the monthly daycare bills can be unfeasible. childcare grants for single moms are available from the government, nonprofits, state, and recognized agencies to compensate for the daycare expenses.

Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG), Head Start, and Child Care Subsidy program are some of the single mother grants programs to apply for. Besides, the Local Department of Health and Human Services(HHS), Child Care Aware® Of America, states, churches, and nonprofits also financially support daycare expenses.

Single Mother Housing Grants

Single mothers require a secured shelter for their families however, the expenses of home purchasing, rent payment, compensating mortgage, or loan amount can be unaffordable. Grants are disbursed that help pay off housing bills and debts, preventing evictions and homelessness. You may seek housing grants from HUD, USDA, Public Housing Program, Subsidized Housing, and Housing Choice Voucher Program.

Single mothers may also seek grants to pay bills from nonprofits like Mercy Housing, The Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity and CoAbode. Churches, community agencies and catholic charities also extend support. 

Single Mother Utility Grants 

Weatherization, energy efficiency services and home up-gradation are essential for secured living but the services can be unreasonably high for low income earning single mothers. The U.S. government, nonprofit organizations, state agencies and community agencies give single mother utility grants to help pay bills.

You can now upgrade your home appliances for reduction of energy consumption, seek weatherization services for electricity bills and make your home energy efficient even with low savings. Apply for LIHEAP Crisis Program, Weatherization Assistance Program and the Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP). Seek assistance from utility companies for easy payment plans, installment plans, and other benefit programs. Nonprofits also offer assistance programs like Dollar Energy Fund, Operation Roundup, and The National Fuel Funds Network. 

Medical Grants For Single Moms

Exorbitant medical bills, doctor visits, regular checkups, pregnancy, operation, delivery, etc are really expensive to afford. In case of medical emergency single mothers can apply for grants like Medicare, Medicaid, Early Head Start, Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), Kidscare, Pregnant Women Support Act, Maternal and Child Health Services Block Grant, and Free and Low-Cost Health Insurance, etc.

The Department of Human Resources or Department of Public Welfare, and the United Healthcare Children's Foundation also extend financial support. To pay bills or clear debts nonprofits like American Red Cross, Salvation Army, United Way, and Net Wish can also be approached. 

Get your grants for single moms to pay bills, accomplish your needs, and enjoy a worry-free life.

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